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This is the website and blog of Edinburgh-based poet, translator, editor and writing tutor Ken Cockburn.

“… repeatedly in Cockburn’s poetry you get the impression of a poet who has sown nothing but good will in his craft and is slowly reaping this in his work.”
Richie McCaffrey, on Floating the Woods

“Every so often I come across a book of poems that is irresistible for the absolute ‘rightness’ of its project; a book that has that unerring quality of integrity, craft and communication with the reader; a book that’s doing something slightly out of the ordinary, but wearing that difference in an unostentatious manner. This was that book for me. A delight.” Andy Brown, on The Road North

“From the outset, I find the poems, their ingredients and flavour, and your meticulous joy with words, a delight.”
Stewart Conn, on On the flyleaf

“It is refreshing to read contemporary poetry of such rare grace and compassion… a welcome contribution to the literature of our nomadic century.” Tom Hubbard, on Souvenirs and Homelands

(9) What is a pine?
What is a Scots pine?

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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dear KC, I am doing a talk to the Scottish Arts Club on Wednesday 1st September, 11 am, in which I shall mention you. The talk introduces both an exhibition Pictures for a Hungry Generation, and my new collection of poems The Middle Distance. My talk will be about the relation of poems to painting.
    In 1999 you gave a poetry workshop in Peebles which I, a poetry reader, attended. I asked Was I not too old at 50 to start writing poems? You dealt with this idea encouragingly, locating the false analogy with virtuosity, and the mis-association of poetry with youth love and lyrics. You said I should get on with it. With further help in the early 2000s from a group tutored by Magi Gibson, I got on with it, and have self-published extensively. It would be good to meet you.
    Philip Hutton

    1. Dear Philip,
      I’ve run a lot of workshops over the years, and really never know what if any impact they might have had, so I’m very glad to hear that one at least made a lasting impression.
      And it is kind of you to write to say so.
      I would be happy to meet you when you are in Edinburgh, though I have a full schedule for tomorrow when you are speaking at the Scottish Arts Club. Perhaps you could let me know when would be suitable for you, and we can make an arrangement.
      Best wishes,

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