My main area of interest is contemporary German poetry, and I’ve published collections of poems by Arne Rautenberg and Christine Marendon. I have also translated German fiction by Christopher Ecker and Saša Stanišić, and French poetry.

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Heroines from Abroad (Carcanet, 2018), translations of poems by Christine Marendon. More here. Reviews:
Jeanetta Calhoun Mish in World Literature Today
Chloe S. Vaughan in The Manchester Review
Elizabeth Langer in Dundee University Review of the Arts
You can read Christine’s ‘Notes on Language and Poetry’ here.

Rautenberg Wo Lyrik zuhause ist 1
Wo Lyrik zuhause ist, no.19 (Edition Aramo / Versopolis, 2018)
poems by Arne Rautenberg, translated from the German by Ken Cockburn

(The Caseroom Press, 2012)
poems by Arne Rautenberg, translated from the German by Ken Cockburn

Feathers & Lime: translations from the German
(The Caseroom Press, 2007)
Feathers and Lime features work by Thomas Brasch, Rudolf Bussmann, Christine Marendon, Arne Rautenberg and Tina Stroheker. It was shortlisted in the Literature category for the British Book Design and Production Awards 2007.

The Season Sweetens / Die Saison Versüssend: Football Haiku 2006
(The Caseroom Press, 2006)

Translations available online:

Thomas Brasch, Two poems
Goethe, from Venetian Epigrams (1)
Goethe, from Venetian Epigrams (2)
Christine Marendon, Search
Christine Marendon, Two poems
Christine Marendon, Three Poems
Arne Rautenberg, Nine poems
Arne Rautenberg, Two poems from the sequence ‘Das dunkle Haus’ (‘The Dark House’)
Arne Rautenberg, spring
Arne Rautenberg, gingko leaf fairy tale & Haiku
Arne Rautenberg, Five poems from seltene erden (rare earths, 2014)
Arne Rautenberg, Six poems
Thomas Rosenlöcher, Bullbars
Thomas Rosenlöcher, Two poems


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