As author

seven-poemsseven-poems-1The Solitary Reaper
Buanaiche na h-Aonar
Written and published for the exhibition Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets, at Kakimoro Bunko, Osaka, Japan. A sequence of seven short poems, which take as their starting point words from Wordsworth’s ‘The Solitary Reaper’ (which describes the poet hearing a Gaelic singer), link to haiku by Basho, and take most of their content from definitions in Malcolm Maclennan’s Gaelic Dictionary of 1925. The book is available via The Big Cartel.

THE ROAD NORTHthe road north: a journey around Scotland guided by Basho’s oku-no-hosomichi by Alec Finlay & Ken Cockburn (Bristol: Shearsman Books, 2014)
A long poem in fourteen sections, describing journeys we made between May 2010 and May 2011 to destinations in Scotland paired with places in northern Japan visited by Basho and Sora in 1689. Available via the Shearsman website. Reviewed by Andy Brown for Stride, March 2015, Effacing the ego; and in Gutter magazine, Journey as Poem.

THERE WERE OUR OWN THERE WERE THE OTHERSthere were our own there were the others (morning star & Trust New Art / National Trust, 2014)
23 silent walks in remembrance of the victims of conflict to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War, 17 June – 30 August 2014. Alec Finlay, with Ken Cockburn, Edmund Hardy, Alison Lloyd, Amy Shelton, photography by Luke Allan & Hannah Devereux. Winner of the Scottish Design Awards Grand Prix for 2015.

Veined with Shadow BranchesVeined with Shadow Branches
(London: Sarah Myerscough Gallery, 2014)
With Andrew Mackenzie. The catalogue for an exhibition by Andrew Mackenzie at Sarah Myerscough Gallery in October & November 2014, it includes ‘Into Ettrick’, a poem-sequence and a set of drawings made after a walk in the Ettrick Valley. You can read the ‘Into Ettrick’ poems on Andrew’s website (click on ‘This is the resulting work’). The book is available via The Big Cartel.

WHILE YET WE MAYWhile yet we may
Commissioned for the exhibition ‘Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets’, Dove Cottage, Grasmere, 24 May – 2 November 2014; designed, typeset and printed by Luke Allan. For a description of the contents click on the link above.

(Dundee: University of Abertay Press, 2011)
Poems and prose, with ~in the fields
ink is a beautiful artist book, featuring full-colour images of the prize-winning sculptural work ink by ~in the fields, and specially written texts – poems, circle poems, ‘Reflections on the writing of marginalia’, and a hidden alphabet poem listing twenty-six imaginary shades of blue. The contributors also present their ‘blueographies’. The book is available via The Big Cartel.

OVERHEARD OVERLOOKEDOVERHEARD OVERLOOKED: found poems (The Caseroom Press, 2012) A book of overheard and overlooked texts, of between one and seven words long, each given its own page, and sequenced first by the number of words and then alphabetically. The texts are taken from formal signage and graffiti, newspaper headlines and speech. Photos of some of the texts in their original context are included. The book is available via The Big Cartel.

READING THE STREETSReading the Streets
(Edinburgh: duende, 2010)

Six tanka, together with a sequence of moon haiku.

Illustrated by Libby Walker.

CENTUMCENTUM: One Hundred Years of Baillie Gifford 1908-2008 (Edinburgh: Fremi Books, 2008)
Timeline and poems, many drawing on archival material, for an artist book with concertina binding designed and illustrated by David Faithfull, made for the centenary of an Edinburgh investment firm.
ISBN 978-0-9558946-0-2

ON THE FLYLEAFOn the flyleaf
(Edinburgh: Luath, 2007)
Poems inspired by inscriptions, graffiti and scribbled notes on the fly leaves of books – Ovid, a guide book, a superhero comic – these poems interweave travel, home and love, while quietly subverting notions of standing and rank in literature.

For “VisionsFor “Visions” read “Meteors” :
found poems, and an alphabet,
from the John Murray Archive

(National Library of Scotland
and Perjink Press, 2007)

PARSE AND ELABORATEParse and Elaborate
With Eleanor Symms. Artist book in an edition of six, 2000; exhibited at The Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh), StAnza Poetry Festival (Fife), Glasgow School of Art, Parsons School of Design (New York).
Full text available here

SOUVENIRS AND HOMELANDSSouvenirs and Homelands
(Scottish Cultural Press, 1998)

Shortlisted for the Saltire First Book of the Year Award 1998.

(Instant Republic, 1998)

With Alice Cockburn.
An artist book featuring
a child’s retelling of tales from The Odyssey.

(Red Sharks Press, 1988)

A long poem,
telling the story
of Orpheus and Eurydice.

As translator

SNAPDRAGON Snapdragon (The Caseroom Press, 2012)
poems by Arne Rautenberg translated from the German
ISBN 978-1-905821-21-1
“Here are port city poems, translated by a port city poet, the lines to-ing and fro-ing across the North Sea highway.” (Alec Finlay)
The book is available via The Big Cartel.

FEATHERS AND LIMEFeathers & Lime: translations from the German (The Caseroom Press, 2007)
ISBN 978-1-905821-03-7
Feathers and Lime features work by Thomas Brasch, Rudolf Bussmann, Christine Marendon, Arne Rautenberg and Tina Stroheker. Other than Brasch, this is the first time work by these poets has appeared in English in book form. The book was shortlisted in the Literature category for the British Book Design and Production Awards 2007.

THE SEASON SWEETENSThe Season Sweetens / Die Saison Versüssend: Football Haiku 2006 (The Caseroom Press, 2006)
ISBN 1-905821-00-X
The Season Sweetens features 23 football haiku (three-word poems) in English with German translations, and 23 football haiku in German with English translations. The haiku are by various authors, including Alec Finlay, Ken Edwards, Alexander Braun, Ulrike Draesner, translated by Arne Rautenberg (English-German) and Ken Cockburn (German-English). The cover photographs are by Julian Germain.
Edited by Ken Cockburn

As editor

REVOLUTION AFTER REVOLUTIONrevolution after revolution
(The Caseroom Press, 2015)
an anthology of circle poems on the theme of cycling. Texts by John Stocker, circle form suggested by Alec Finlay, edited by Ken Cockburn, designed by Barrie Tullett.
ISBN 978-1-905821259

found poems

(The Caseroom Press, 2015)
A follow-up to

WIDE WAVES SMALL CIRCLESwide waves small circle: poems by schoolchildren on Lewis and Harris written in response to the exhibition Ian Hamilton Finlay: Sailing Dinghy (Stornoway: An Lanntair, 2011)
ISBN 978-09525389-2-7
Made from a project with schools on Lewis
in autumn 2010.
Edited by Ken Cockburn, photographs by Jon MacLeod

new writing by Aberdeenshire Literacies Partnership adult learners

(Aberdeen: Aberdeenshire Council, 2008)
ISBN 978-1-901275-20-9

Edited by Ken Cockburn

RAVENSCRAIGRAVENSCRAIG: a collection of, a guide to writing, and a notebook for Mesostic Poems, forming part of the Dysart Artworks project
(Kirkcaldy: Fife Council, 2006)
ISBN 1-869984-17-X
Edited by Ken Cockburn

WRITE ONWrite On!:
new writing and visual art by young people in Aberdeenshire

(Aberdeen: Aberdeenshire Council, 2006)
Edited by Ken Cockburn
ISBN 978-190127517-9

TWEED RIVERSTweed Rivers: new writing and visual art inspired by the rivers of the Tweed catchment (Edinburgh: platform projects & Luath Press, 2005)
ISBN 1-905222-25-4
Edited by Ken Cockburn and James Carter

POET PRINTSPoet Prints: 24 new portraits of Scottish writers (Edinburgh: Scottish Poetry Library, 2005)
Edited by Ken Cockburn and Colin Cavers

INTIMATE EXPANSESIntimate Expanses: XXV Scottish Poems 1978-2002
(Manchester: Carcanet, 2004)

Edited by Ken Cockburn and Robyn Marsack
ISBN 1-85754-795-0

THE DANCERS INHERIT THE PARTYThe Dancers Inherit the Party: Early stories, plays & poems by Ian Hamilton Finlay
(Edinburgh: Polygon, 2004). Edited by Ken Cockburn, ISBN 9781904598138
This fully revised and updated edition of the 1996 Polygon selection of his work is expanded to set Finlay’s earlier poetry in the context of his fiction, short plays, and later uncollected poems. Reviewed by Marjorie Perloff in the Times Literary Supplement, April 29, 2005, p. 26, “Dreams of Weeds”

THE ORDER OF THINGSThe Order of Things: an anthology of Scottish sound, pattern and concrete poems (Edinburgh: pocketbooks, 2001)
Edited by Ken Cockburn, with Alec Finlay
ISBN 9780748662906
Includes Renaissance pattern poems, catalogue poems and contemporary concrete, sound and visual poems, as well as a mini-CD of poems.
Reviewed by David Preece

THE JEWEL BOXThe Jewel Box: Contemporary Scottish Poems
(Edinburgh: Scottish Poetry Library, 2000)

Edited by Ken Cockburn and Alec Finlay

BRILLIANT CACOPHONYBrilliant Cacophony: connecting the contemporary of art and architecture on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile
(Edinburgh: Scottish Sculpture Trust, 1998)

Edited by Ken Cockburn and Lise Bratton


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