Sessions for Secondary Schools

Workshop was well-structured and timings were effective… all aspects of the day were excellent and a very worthwhile experience.
Teacher, after session with S3 class

I can run sessions on topics including
• Writing Out Of Doors – writing poems about locality outwith the classroom
• On the flyleaf – using reading experiences to write poems drawing together personal experience and public discourse
• What am I? – looking at how one thing can be described in terms of another, as riddles and metaphors

Recent projects include

Balgray Reservoir, working with pupils from Barrhead High School and St Luke’s High School, as part of a local consultation exercise on the creation of a walkway for the reservoir, 2018

Trees for Life, working with S3 pupils from Glenurquhart High School, at TfL’s Dundreggan estate and back at school, writing about the landscape, its ecology and its  Gaelic place-names, as part of Rewilding the Highlands, 2017

Buson 2016, a day with pupils from Jeburgh Academy and artist Andrew MacKenzie, walking, writing, drawing and painting, to make works inspired by the Japanese artist and poet Yosa Buson (1716–1783)

A (digital) visit from Boswell and Johnson, with artists ~in the fields and pupils at Lochgilphead High School, and Plockton High School, making graphic novel versions of episodes from Boswell and Johnson’s 1773 ‘Tour to the Hebrides’, 2015 and 2016

Abbotsford, touring the gardens and new Visitor Centre at Sir Walter Scott’s home with S2 pupils from Galashiels Academy, followed up by writing workshops, 2012

Milosz 2011, reading and writing sessions for secondary schools focussing on poems by Czeslaw Milosz (1911-2004), the Nobel Prize winning Polish poet, 2011

Patriotism, Privations and Peace, a workshop for secondary schools based on the letters of Amelia Laws, who worked as a nurse in France during the First World War, WORD Festival, Aberdeen, 2010


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