Below are links to poems available online, including some on this site.

A Renga for St James
Bob the Roman
Come to the garden which might seem dead, and view (scroll down to near the foot of the page)
Hands (scroll down to near the foot of the page)
Into Ettrick (click on ‘This is the resulting work’)
Morning Glory
Parse and Elaborate
proceed till apprehended
Shandwick Stone
Summer Grasses
The Ash Grove
The Isle of Jura
Twelve Months
Two poems from Gleann Badraig

Audio Recordings

On the fly-leaf of A Pictorial History of Soccer (1968)
On the flyleaf of Submariner #36 (c.1971)
Pandora’s Light Box
The whole of the long poem of The Road North is available free of charge on iTunes as a series of podcasts.
Extracts from Der Weg nach Norden, Christine’s Marendon’s translation into German of The Road North, can be heard at Literaturtelefon Kiel (also with the English originals), and at Literatur in Hamburg.

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