Cockburn FtW 2018 1   HfA front hires
Two new books for 2018: Floating the Woods, a collection of poems, and Heroines from Abroad, translations of poems by Christine Marendon

This is the website and blog of Edinburgh-based poet, translator and writing tutor Ken Cockburn.

“Every so often I come across a book of poems that is irresistible for the absolute ‘rightness’ of its project; a book that has that unerring quality of integrity, craft and communication with the reader; a book that’s doing something slightly out of the ordinary, but wearing that difference in an unostentatious manner. This was that book for me. A delight.” Andy Brown, on The Road North

“From the outset, I find the poems, their ingredients and flavour, and your meticulous joy with words, a delight.”
Stewart Conn, on On the flyleaf

“It is refreshing to read contemporary poetry of such rare grace and compassion… a welcome contribution to the literature of our nomadic century.” Tom Hubbard, on Souvenirs and Homelands

“I must say that I loathed poetry at school. I detested it and this has been completely different. They should have done something like this in school. It would have saved me. Brilliant. I LOVED this.” (Adult workshop participant)

“Workshop was well-structured and timings were effective… all aspects of the day were excellent and a very worthwhile experience.” (Secondary school teacher)

“I think the poetry is good and short. You can understand. Not too many words.” (Primary school pupil)



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